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About Us

Our journey started in the 1940s by establishing “El-Talaba Bookstore,” a company specializing in printing, publishing, and distributing educational books.
In the 1970s, “El-Moasser” in mathematics was published, and it was a big leap in the standard of educational books, gaining the trust of experts, teachers, students, and parents.
In the 1990s, “El Dawleya Bookstore” publishing house released “Al-Emtehan” books, and they started to emerge in the business for their special content and their unparalleled exercises.
Later on, the two publishing houses collaborated, and the successful products continued. Since then, our scope has broadened to cover all pre-university academic grades in different subjects. And GPS for Printing, Publishing and Distribution was established in 2014 to complement the group’s capacity and expand the territory towards wider services and markets.

  • 200 educational experts
  • 170 art designers, and technology experts
  • 400 sales and marketing specialists
  • 1300 printing technicians